Keeping track of my 2019 sewing projects

This is where I keep track of all the projects I finished this year.


No Project Date Completed
1 unicorn pencil case (2) Jan-19
2 ironing mat Jan-19
3 reversible tote bag with buttons Jan-19
4 reversible floral messenger bag Jan-19
5 tissue pouch with grommet Jan-19
6 tissue pouch + cardholder Jan-19
7 swing cushion cover Jan-19
8 half-circle skirt with wooden buttons Jan-19
9 halter dress with ruffles Jan-19
10 off-shoulder dress (Lia) Jan-19
11 off-shoulder dress (Gabi) Jan-19
12 girl’s cheongsam (Lia) Jan-19
13 boy’s mandarin collar shirt (Sam) Feb-19
14 men’s pajama (Sid) Feb-19
15 purple skirt with ruffles (Lia) Feb-19

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