A dress with flamingos


Apparently, my five-year-old girl Lia has told her friends her full name, including our middle name Domingo (which is my maiden name). Her classmate/BFF Yu Fei said that Domingo rhymes with flamingo and since then, Lia has wanted a dress with flamingos on it.

I took her and her cousin/BFF Gabi to my favourite fabric shop at People’s Park Centre in Chinatown called Brighton Accessories House. They spent a good thirty minutes roaming around looking for fabric for their dresses. The fabric there is mostly SGD6/yard, which is why I took them there. Lo and behold, when they finally chose the fabric they wanted, I realised they chose from the higher-end shelf, where the fabric went at SGD12/yard. I didn’t have the heart to ask them to choose again, so I just went and bought it. She chose this cream and navy Sevenberry cotton lawn with hot pink flamingos, and it was very pretty. I was actually feeling quite pleased at how good her taste is in fabric.

Lia and Gabi went home and discussed the dress style that they want. They decided it had to be off-shoulder with a high-low skirt. They even drew it out for me. Since I haven’t made an off-shoulder before and didn’t really want to self-draft, I looked for a pattern that I could use and found the Midsummer Dress by Striped Swallow Designs.

The instructions were easy to understand, and the pattern itself was well-designed. And can I just say that their logo is so pretty? Anyway, the only problem I had was the top was too short, and I had to unpick and extend the bodice by 3 inches. Otherwise, it would look like an empire-cut dress.

I followed their suggestion and added hot pink pompoms in the ruffles, and I thought it gave a very nice touch. I’ll probably make this dress again at some point since it was such an easy sew.



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